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Meet the Writer

Meet the Writer

No, that’s not me. Hans Christian Andersen wrote some great stories, but he didn’t know much about tech. I can do both.

I’m a seasoned journalist turned copywriter who can explain the most complex of topics in a way that really connects with readers, just as HCA did.

People relate to stories better than they do data, diagrams and charts. They simplify complexity and deepen relationships with your audience, so ensuring the message gets across.

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The Back Story

The Back Story

For more than two decades I worked as a freelance journalist, writing for the Financial Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Economist Intelligence Unit and a slew of B2B titles.

I was anchor contributor to the FT‘s highly successful Connected Business reports and wrote over 700 articles on technology, telecoms and a wide variety of other topics, ranging from management consultancy to wind power.

B2B Copywriting

B2B Copywriting

I now work as a copywriter, helping decision makers harness the latest developments in technology and management to transform their organizations. Here are a few recent projects:

  • A multi-year campaign for SAP-based solutions
  • Case study on CO2 monitoring using IoT & AI
  • Launch campaign for 5G software solutions
  • Webcopy for Dubai DIFC-based investment house
  • Content marketing for retail software vendor
  • White papers on energy trading technologies
  • Case studies on AI-powered document processing
  • Brochure for electric vehicle charging solution
  • Marketing material for digital health platform
  • White paper on AI in contact centers
  • Blogposts on Europe’s asset-based securities market
  • Case study on carbon credit monitoring in Italy
  • An investor pitch for a Chinese cleantech startup

Visit the Portfolio section to see selected examples of my work.

Why Do You Need Me?

Your products or services are knockout but their impact is not. So, maybe its time to turbocharge your B2B marketing copy.

With the right choice of words, I can make the arcane sound simple and the dull sound interesting, perhaps even fun.

So, bring me your buyer personas and your jargon, and let me turn them into something that engages, informs and sells.

Want to give me a try?

Areas of Expertise

Enterprise Tech

Enterprise tech is constantly evolving, so you need a writer who is up to speed on the latest trends and technologies. Whether it is cloud computing, artificial intelligence, data analytics, or cybersecurity, I can help explain how your solutions and services deliver more value to your clients and boost business performance.


I have closely followed the evolution of the telecoms sector from the early days of liberalization through digitalization to the emergence of 5G networks and beyond. My extensive experience enables me to articulate complex technical concepts, ensuring that your message resonates with both subject matter experts and the broader audience.

Artificial Intelligence

From discussing the ethical implications of AI algorithms to exploring the potential of AI-driven automation and optimization, I can distill technical jargon into content that resonates with a broad audience. AI initiatives rely on clear messaging to foster adoption and my writing can bridge between technical expertise and practical applications.

Energy Transition

Whether it’s discussing the benefits of solar and wind power, the potential of energy storage solutions, or the role of policy and regulation, I bring clarity and insight to the conversation and can help you better articulate the importance of transitioning to cleaner and more efficient energy sources and more sustainable processes and practices.


From exploring the disruptive potential of decentralized finance and fintech startups, or the efficiency gains possible with core banking systems modernization, to discussing the role of REITs and other alternative assets in portfolio diversification, I can transform complex financial information into engaging content that educates and informs.

Business Transformation

Business transformation is a dynamic process that requires clear and concise communication to ensure successful implementation. I can convey complex ideas and strategies in a digestible format. From organizational change management to process optimization, I can articulate how your initiatives drive innovation and growth.

Who am I?

My journalistic career began unexpectedly during a holiday in Haiti in 1986, where I covered the flight of dictator Jean-Claude Duvalier for a London-based newspaper.

I then moved to Italy and after learning the ropes of marketing communications working for a computer company, I started freelancing for a wide range of business and trade media.

Proving that you can teach an old hack new tricks, for the past decade I have worked as a B2B copywriter for clients who are mostly software mostly in the technology and telecoms sectors.

I currently live in northern Spain.

You can contact me at loading... or click the link below.

My Work

My work has appeared in the Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, Economist Intelligence Unit and The Times, among other business media. Check out these articles on digital espionage, ethical investment and the challenges facing European companies from counterfeiting in China, which were published in the WSJ.

I have also written for a long etcetera of specialist media including Financial News, Renewable Energy World, Communications Week International, Telecommunications, Global Telecoms Business, Computer Weekly, Computing, Infomatics, Traveller and Design News.

For the past decade I have worked as a B2B copywriter and below are recent examples of this commercial work. There are a lot more in the Portfolio section, where you can also find a few archived clips from my career as a journalist.

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