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Integrated Engineering Services

Engineering is a complex activity that has traditionally been at the center of the world’s most innovative[…]

Client: Atos
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Engineering is a complex activity that has traditionally been at the center of the world’s most innovative companies. But in recent years, it has become harder to fully satisfy the growing demand for engineering services using inhouse solutions because of talent shortages, cost pressures and ever changing demands.

Growing technological sophistication and the raised expectations of end-users for products that are easy to use further complicate the picture. Companies whose experience lies mainly in the pre-digital world risk underestimating the multidimensional design and integration challenges of today’s smart products.

To succeed in today’s ultra-competitive global marketplace you need to be able to harness the power of innovation to quickly and effectively meet new market demands. You want to drive more value from existing projects, resources and processes, yet you also need flexibility, responsiveness and access to new skillsets to embrace new opportunities.

This is where Atos Intergrated Engineering Services can help. By teaming with Atos you can cost-effectively leverage the know-how and creativity of our engineers, and access our extensive range of engineering services and technologies covering mechanical engineering, software development, tooling and information technology .

We will work with you to develop a more integrated and strategic approach to engineering that adds real sustainable value to your business and allows you to:

  • Support digitalization with software development & management for technical products
  • Stay in control of critical processes & infrastructures
  • Providing design, simulation & testing of physical structures
  • Profit from the bundled domain knowledge of Global Competence Centers
  • Optimize development cost with attractive delivery & business models

All-round Capability

Atos has more than 20 years of experience helping leading engineering-led companies improve their innovation chain. We have captured and distilled this know-how into competence centers competence centers that cover aerospace, automotive, transportation and discrete manufacturing industries.

As product differentiation and innovation expands from simple physical attributes to complex systems and software, Atos can help you take a truly integrated approach to product development.

Our engineers have diverse backgrounds and skills but they share a common desire to work alongside your own people and, if required, carefully selected partners, as a single integrated team.

Serving as a foundation to our engineering services is our renowned range of business IT solutions. These harness your core skills and competences in engineering and translate them into competitive advantage on the commercial stage.

 As fully-fledged supplier of integrated manufacturing solutions, Atos can also supply enabling information technologies in areas such as manufacturing execution systems (MES) and product lifecycle management (PLM). 

Taken together, Atos offers an unusually diverse ecosystem of services and technologies and one that is ideally suited to today’s complex engineering challenges.

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