Next-Generation BSS: Mediation

Next-Generation BSS: Mediation

CSPs are searching for a new approach to mediation that will reduce the costs and headaches.

Client: Atos
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(Published on the Atos website on Nov 11, 2012. Download the brochure here .)

Dramatic growth in usage data and increased network complexity create major challenges for CSPs in many areas and particularly in the mediation function.

As network technologies, service offerings and charging methods evolve, CSPs are searching for a new approach to mediation that will take the costs and headaches out of managing their existing data integration infrastructure and help them embrace the future.

Atos Mediation is a next-generation mediation solution offering unbeatable price-performance and flexibility. It acts as a universal platform capable of consolidating legacy systems and transparently linking all your systems and networks.

By having only a single layer for collection and distribution of all BSS and OSS data, CSPs get a significant reduction in integration costs when compared to traditional vertical integration approaches.

As well as reducing the costs and headaches associated with legacy systems, Atos Mediation has been designed as a future-proof platform that encourages service innovation and ensures CSPs gain a competitive edge when embracing new business models and revenue streams of the future.

Atos Mediation

Mediation makeover

Collecting and processing of massive amounts of data from various sources in real time is a key challenge for CSPs as they seek to meet the changing services needs of their customer base.

They want to embrace new opportunities butCSPs are often held back by the inadequacies of their data integration infrastructures, which have grown “organically” over the years and comprises multiple point integrations and siloed systems. The result is a network that is costly to maintain and difficult to modify.

Reducing the complexity of their data integration infrastructure is now a priority issue if CSPs are to achieve a sustainable cost base and reduce time-to-market for new services

Competitive advantage

CSPs need to act now to overhaul legacy mediation technologies and processes. If not, they risk finding themselves at a big competitive disadvantage.

That’s because the combination of high transaction costs associated with legacy mediation systems and soaring data volumes will quickly drive Opex and Capex to unsustainable levels.

In addition, the inflexible closed design of legacy systems makes it more difficult to integrate rapidly evolving technologies and add new network elements. That can dramatically reduce the window of opportunity available to exploit new high-margin services.

Next-generation solution

To solve these business challenges, Atos has teamed up with Digital Route, a leader in mediation technology. Atos Mediation is a next-generation mediation platform that supports all types of data exchange between any systems, so simplifying network architectures and supporting both online and offline transactions.

Modular design

The combination of a modular design with flexible deployment and configuration encourages developers to easily adapt the Atos Mediation solution to their particular needs. Configuration, as opposed to customization, is used to create customer-specific mediation solutions.

Open interfaces give developers full control over the implementation and allow them to easily configure Atos Mediation to suit particular needs.

For even greater flexibility, the roadmap for Atos Mediation also includes a cloud-based delivery option which will appeal particularly to CSPs looking for an “asset-lite” alternative or complement to the on-premises offering.

Cost savings

Atos Mediation has been designed for today’s tough economic climate and it helps CSPs save money in three key areas:
The move to a single universal platform significantly reduces costs and improves operational efficiency compared to having multiple integration systems.
Atos Mediation runs on industry-standard hardware, so reducing Capex and Opex requirements.
Open-source technologies such as Linux reduce third-party licensing costs

Why Atos?

Atos has extensive experience in delivering IT integration projects in the telecoms sector, which is particularly important if a mediation initiative is to deliver its expected benefits. Systems integration is a major headache for CSPS and mature operators may have built up a range of BSS/OSS platforms which often do not talk to each other well.

In addition to these challenges, vendors are constantly releasing new applications for value-added services, while different switch manufacturers use different data formats. Integrating different platforms and a variety of legacy, green-field and acquired operations is not a job for the faint-hearted. But it is the type of task that Atos relishes.

Atos Mediation: don’t just consolidate. Innovate!

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