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Robots That Keep Their Brains in the Web

The emerging discipline of cloud robotics aims to enable robots to get their smarts from[…]

Cloud goes Business Class

Cloud sharing services seek to expand beyond the cut-throat consumer market and boost their appeal[…]

woman texting

Is It ‘Game Over’ for Texting?

While people are texting less, business use of SMS is growing as more companies realise[…]

Aim Investors Get M-Commerce Play

MoPowered claims its mobile-commerce platform can boost the conversion rate by various methods.

Fraud Prevention

Irrespective of the sector in which it operates, there are certain types of fraud that[…]

Recovering from Fraud

The consequences of a fraud are potentially devastating so rapid and decisive action is needed.

The Angels’ Share

Many start-ups face a funding gap when the founders’ capital is exhausted but the company[…]

medical chatbots

Meet George Jetson, M.D.

Today's health-care industry is making increasing use of Web-based virtual agents and avatars, or computerized[…]

Wise Ethical Investment Seeks Profit

Nursing a social conscience need not rule out making a profit. Ethical investing does both.

Regulators Boost Competition

Much legislation and regulatory efforts are designed specifically to remove barriers and encourage competition[…]