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Example of my weekly tech news column for the Financial Times website.

The Trouble with Office Email

Information overload is a widespread and growing problem among white collar workers around the globe[…]

Legal Fears Hold Back Business Intelligence

As the amount and variety of sources of business information have grown, so too have[…]

Extracting Value With Predictive Analytics

Many businesses are looking to extract more value from their existing customers using predictive[…]

Telemedicine in Rural US

Telemedicine is being used in the US to provide specialist intensive care that would otherwise[…]

Governments Slow to Adopt Telework

In the public sector, flexible working has been slower to take off, often because of[…]

FT Startups Column

Example of my regular column on the European startup scene for the Financial Times website.

Lesssons From Société Générale

The staggering €4.9bn ($7.1bn) loss incurred by a rogue trader at Societe Generale has repercussions[…]

How Green Is the IT Industry?

Because of the size of the industry and its pervasive nature, we need to look[…]

Real Madrid Invests in More Than Stars

Real Madrid is investing in technology to equip its famous Bernabéu stadium with the latest[…]