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Fraud Prevention

Irrespective of the sector in which it operates, there are certain types of fraud that[…]

Recovering from Fraud

The consequences of a fraud are potentially devastating so rapid and decisive action is needed.

Regulators Boost Competition

Much legislation and regulatory efforts are designed specifically to remove barriers and encourage competition[…]

POS Terminals: Guide for Business

A technological revolution is sweeping through the payments industry.

The Future Looks Green

An enormous amount of investment is required to meet renewable energy targets and the lion's[…]

The Rise of British Sea Power

Around 300 MW of marine energy projects will be installed in the UK over the[…]


Big-Money Funds Go Green

Pension funds, sovereign wealth funds and institutional investors are rushing to put money into renewables. and[…]

Beating Fraudsters at Their Own Game

Fraud takes many forms and the digital economy has created many new opportunities for fraudsters.[…]