EV Charging Points Solution
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EV Charging Points Solution

Atos ecarga delivers core features such as monitoring, metering and user management that operators can harness now,[…]

Client: Atos
Assignment: Web Page, brochure and sales presentation

(Published on the Atos website on May 3, 2012. Download the brochure here.)

Charge points are the most visible part of electric vehicle (EV) charging schemes. But they are just the tip of the iceberg. Complex IT integration is required behind the scenes to create a “fully joined up” charging infrastructure capable of delivering lasting benefits to all stakeholders in the EV value chain.

Atos Worldgrid ecarga has been designed for that task.

It combines a complete and open set of services that are ready to roll now with the flexibility to embrace technological innovation and future market needs.

For operators & value-chain partners, ecarga delivers core features such as monitoring, metering and user management that they can harness now, while its modular and scalable architecture makes it easy to add more users and new services in the future.

For end-users, ecarga offers a rich set of easy-to-use services such as charging status monitoring, interactive maps and online reservations that can be delivered on the charge points themselves, via a web portal or direct to the user’s smartphone.

Technological advances, rising oil prices and growing doubts about the sustainability of conventional fossil-fueled vehicles have combined to push the electric vehicle (EV) to the forefront of initiatives around the world to promote new approaches to urban mobility.

But many of today’s public EV charging schemes take a narrow focus and have been conceived as technology demonstrators rather than as real-world commercial initiatives. As EV uptake grows, so too will the demands placed on public charging point infrastructure, both in terms of user numbers and as regards to new services.

That could cause challenges for schemes with an inflexible design or an IT architecture that cannot scale up. Do you want your EV charging scheme to be a victim of its very success?


No-one knows what the future holds so your EV charging scheme needs to be able to adapt to change. The Atos Worldgrid ecarga solution has been designed with flexibility in mind.

Its modular architecture offers all the core functions required today yet can easily integrate new applications and functional requirements as the needs of your end-users and value chain partners evolve.


Interoperability is another key strength of the Atos Worldwide ecarga solution and it is particularly important in this sector as technologies are still evolving.

Standard interfaces allow ecarga to connect with charge points from different manufacturers thus ensuring charge point independence.

If a technology is superseded or a supplier or value-chain partner fails, the open interfaces of ecarga make it easy to re-engineer the solution to adapt to a new technology or partner.


The EV market is close to its inflexion point and the days of small-scale pilot schemes are coming to an end.
The sophisticated system architecture underpinning ecarga means that it easily scale up to handle the increased user base and greater numbers of charge points as schemes grow.

Atos Worldgrid ecarga can also be delivered as a software-as-a-service offering, so freeing operators of scalability concerns.

Partner for Success

Partnering with Atos Worldgrid offers two important benefits to EV scheme operators. First, we have no horse to back as regards technologies and standards, and so can offer a truly vendor-neutral approach.

Second, Atos Worldgrid has extensive experience in complex systems integration projects as well as more than 30 years of experience in the energy industry and a growing list of growing list of references specific to the EV sector, such as the Movele Madrid project in Spain.

The EV market is close to gaining critical mass. But it will only take off if public EV charging schemes are judged a success by both end-users and scheme stakeholders.

Atos Worldgrid ecarga helps you create a future-proof charging infrastructure that ensures your scheme’s success

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