Energy Trading and Risk Management

Energy Trading and Risk Management

Atos Worldgrid PTRS is a comprehensive energy trading and risk management platform that spans the needs of[…]

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(Published on the Atos website on May 10, 2012. Download the brochure here.)

Today’s energy sector is a dynamic information-driven industry in which IT is used not just to help with operations management and decision support, but to achieve a competitive edge through smarter trading strategies.

Atos Worldgrid PTRS is a comprehensive energy trading and risk management platform that spans the needs of three groups of market participant: generators, traders and retailers, RES/self producers. It covers the increasingly complex trading requirements of liberalized and liberalizing energy markets, and allows market participants to trade the full range of contracts across all time horizons.

Energy generators who choose to implement the PTRS solution get additional benefits as they can exploit the synergies and enhancements made possible by the strategic alliance between Atos and Siemens. Whatever your role, PTRS has been designed to help you achieve a sustainable business advantage in today’s turbulent and increasingly complex wholesale and retail markets.

Trading to business advantage

Liberalization, the introduction of distributed generation and the rise of renewables have created a modern energy industry characterized by intense competition, new business models and unprecedented levels of variability and price volatility.

To trade profitably in these markets, you need a trading platform that can ensure the right balance between supply and demand, while decoupling generation from distribution and ensuring that energy is sold at the optimum price.

Yet many energy companies are hampered by information systems which date back to an era when markets were more predictable and the business environment much more stable.

This prevents them from taking full advantage of the trading opportunities that today’s dynamic conditions create, particularly short-lived arbitrage opportunities.

That is why Atos Worldgrid developed the Power Trading and Retail System.

Adapts to your business needs

PTRS provides a flexible, standards-based solution for energy trading and risk management. Its modular design means your ETRM solution can be tailored to your specific business model and customized to your existing IT capabilities and trading maturity, so reducing implementation times and risk.

This flexible approach allows you to complement the core functionalities of PTRS with specialist modules in areas such as risk management, emissions trading or gas management.

Wholesale benefits

The wholesale market is the key arena for energy trading and it is characterized by agreements of widely different scale and duration.

It is important that your trading solution for wholesale markets offers sufficient flexibility and scalability to handle your evolving energy trading requirements and support future innovation in products and markets, such as the development of Smart Grids.

Reflecting the complexity of wholesale markets, the wholesale contracts module of PTRS can deal with a large number of contract types.

As well as handling spot deals on the day-ahead and intra-day markets, you can use PTRS for long and medium-term contracts on power exchanges, OTC transactions and financial trades such as options and puts.

Redefining retail

While for energy retailers, the retail contracts module in PTRS has been designed to give you an edge in today’s constantly changing retail energy markets. It can accommodate complex types of supply contract included those tied to formulas based on external indices such as forward curves or Brent oil.

To ensure information flows to your trading desk, PTRS comes with extensive connection possibilities both internally to your existing business (ERP, CRM, Meter concentrators, SCADAs, PI servers, Business Intelligence..) and externally to third-party systems such as TSOs, DSOs, power exchanges, and regulatory bodies.

Proven pedigree

Atos Worldgrid PTRS is a proven solution that has been in existence for over a decade and today has more than 15 reference customers.

Generators can now draw on our unique alliance with Siemens to create comprehensive solutions that seamlessly integrate operational management with the trading desk, so delivering a real competitive edge. Atos Worldgrid PTRS: everything a market player needs to trade profitably.

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