Intelligent Document Processing

Intelligent Document Processing

An AI-based document processing platform that automatically classifies document types and extracts the salient information they contain[…]

Client: NTT DATA
Assignment: Brochure, case studies

(Download the brochure here or from the NTT DATA website.)

Businesses have long sought a way to automatically process the growing quantity of unstructured documents they deal with every day.Dolffia leverages the powerful cognitive capabilities of modern AI to solve this challenge, considerably reducing the time and effort needed to process documents manually and allowing businesses to extract more value and insight from their content.

What is Dolffia?

Dolffia is an AI-based document processing platform that automatically classifies a wide range of document types and extracts the salient information they contain at speed and with high levels of accuracy. By automating repetitive manual processes, Dolffia boosts throughput, reduces human errors and allows employees to focus on tasks requiring human judgment.

Value Proposition

Many businesses have experienced a steep increase in the volume of documents they have to handle, particularly those in sectors such as legal, insurance and financial services.The bulk of documents handled today contain unstructured data, which is difficult to analyze quickly and not easily searchable. It has traditionally been time-consuming to extract useful information from unstructured documents as manual processing is required.

This creates a bottleneck for businesses as manual processing is slow and error-prone. If you handle 100 documents a day, the manual effort is perhaps manageable, but much less so with workloads of 10,000 documents a day or higher, particularly if the documents are complex and diverse.

Recent advances in artificial intelligence in the areas of machine learning and natural language processing now make it possible to largely automate the classification and extraction of information from a wide variety of documents, no matter how complex, and to do so accurately and at scale.

By automating the classification and extraction of information, businesses can derive actionable insights. Using sentiment analysis, for example, they can identify customer sentiment towards their product or service by analyzing complaint forms.


  • Fast and scalable: Dolffia can extract all key information from documents rapidly and at scale. Dozens of documents can be processed in the time it would take a human to read just one.
  • Highly adaptable: Unlike document processing systems that require templates or spatial clues, Dolffia can extract information from a wide range of structured, unstructured and semi-structured documents with more than 40 use cases identified so far.
  • Superior accuracy: Dolffia classifies documents with an accuracy of 95% and correctly extracts the desired information 85% of the time, so human intervention is limited to handling exceptions.
  • Attractive ROI: Dolffia significantly reduces the number of FTE employees needed for low-value information classification and extraction tasks, so optimizing payroll costs.
  • Ensures compliance: Dolffia largely eliminates the risk of documents getting mislaid or processed incorrectly because they are accepted without a signature, for example. This is particularly important in regulated industries.
  • Quick Time to Value: As a cloud-native application, Dolffia offers rapid set-up time and reduces indirect IT overheads to almost zero when installed in the public cloud. It can also be run on onpremises infrastructure.
  • Transparent pricing: The pricing model for Dolffia adapts to a client’s needs with a variable cost element determined by the number of pages, document complexity, required response time, etc.

(Download the brochure here)

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