Boosting Warehouse Efficiency

Boosting Warehouse Efficiency

Openbravo WMS combines the benefits of cloud with enterprise-grade WMS capabilities, to provide flexible and automated support[…]

Client: Openbravo
Assignment: Webinar script and presentation

(Webinar delivered on BrightTalk platform in English, Spanish and French. Download the English presentation here.)

Host: Hello everyone and welcome to a new Openbravo webinar, in which we take the opportunity to present our warehouse management solution, Openbravo WMS, one of the components of our unified commerce platform, Openbravo Commerce Cloud.
Host: For today’s presentation we are joined by Presenter.
Good afternoon Presenter.
Presenter: Hi Host, good afternoon everyone. A pleasure to be here today.
Host: Before we start with the presentation, I would like to remind everyone that you can download it in the attachments section of the screen you are currently viewing, where you will also find additional information to deepen your knowledge of the solution. Without further ado, I hand over to Presenter.
Presenter: Thank you Host and everyone for attending today. As Host explained, the goal today is to give you an introduction to Openbravo WMS, our warehouse management solution, broken down into these sections. So without further ado, let’s begin.
Presenter: Openbravo WMS is a cloud and mobile-enabled warehouse management system and forms part of our unified commerce platform, Openbravo Commerce Cloud.
It combines the benefits of cloud with enterprise-grade WMS capabilities, to provide flexible and automated support for processing all goods movements and managing stocks in your warehouses, from their physical modelling from their physical modelling, which we will see later, to the control and execution of tasks such as reception, pickings, departures or inventories. All this is managed from one single point, and in real-time.
Presenter: It offers a single, real-time view of all available stock in all your warehouses which when combined with its built-in smart inventory task management, to guide the associates in the execution of their daily activities, increases warehouse productivity and ensure greater stock accuracy, by reducing the number of errors, internal stock movements and the walking time inside the warehouse..
Presenter: The flexibility of the solution allows various scenarios involving warehouses to be managed, from just a few to many locations, from small to large capacities and different levels of complexity, and from retail businesses with physical stores and online sales to pure eCommerce businesses with online sales only.
Presenter: These customers can adopt Openbravo WMS independently or in combination with the other components of Openbravo Commerce Cloud, including Openbravo OMS for order management and Openbravo Store for multi-store and point-of-sale management.  It supports assortments ranging from a few to thousands of items, and in a wide range of product categories such as fashion and accessories, home furnishings and decor, consumer electronics and food and beverage, among others.
Presenter: Its fully modular architecture and the use of a dedicated cloud infrastructure, together with its mobile capabilities, its ability to continue working if connectivity is lost and a flexible and scalable business API based on web services, help to reduce the deployment time for  the solution, accelerate innovation and give greater flexibility to react to changes and future needs.
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Slide 40:
Presenter: And that concludes today’s presentation, in which we have reviewed the main capabilities that Openbravo WMS offers to increase warehouse efficiency, something which  today is  fundamental to achieve the level of agility, speed and accuracy required by a unified commerce strategy,  while ensuring the profitability of operations. 
Slide 41:
Host: Thank you very much Presenter. So, this is the end of today’s session, which we hope has been of interest to you, and we thank you all once again for attending. In case of doubts or if you want to learn more, you can visit our website or contact us and we will be happy to take things further, if desired.
Goodbye everyone and whe hope to see you in our next webinar. 
Presenter: Goodbye. 
Abbreviated script for Webinar presentation

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