Digital SCE with Yard Logistics

Digital SCE with Yard Logistics

Digital SCE with Yard Logistics is a SAP-based supply chain execution platform that saves costs and boosts[…]

Client: NTT DATA
Assignment: Brochure

(Download the brochure here or from the NTT DATA website.)

NTT DATA’s Digital SCE with Yard Logistics is an end-to-end supply chain execution platform for businesses that need to save costs and boost supply chain agility and resilience by optimizing their yard operations. It leverages NTT DATA’s expertise in creating advanced SAP-based solutions for manufacturers and is particularly relevant to automotive companies with JIT/JIS supply chains.

Business Case

Transportation usually accounts for the lion’s share of distribution costs so by improving the efficiency of yard operations, the cost savings obtained will have a significant benefit to the bottom line, as well as improving the responsiveness and agility of the overall supply chain.

Solving the Challenge

Yard processes are complex to optimize and operational and planning activities are often performed manually in a uncoordinated fashion using simple spreadsheets.

When a carrier arrives, the driver typically has to fill out papers, taken them to an office and wait for the information to be entered into the system before the truck can be unloaded.In a closed-loop supply chain, the carrier may then have to wait to be allocated another bay to load returnable transport items that need to be returned to a supplier.

Coordinating all these movements is labor-intensive and error-prone, making it difficult to optimize the operations in the yard and handle unexpected events such as an unplanned arrival.

Planning and executing the various processes of yard management in a manual and disjointed way not only adds costs but reduces business agility, which is particularly important at times of supply chain disruption, as experienced recently during the Covid pandemic.

For this reason, NTT DATA has developed its Digital SCE with SAP Yard Logistics solution.

Main Features

  • Visual workloads
    The intuitive user interface highlights all upcoming movements in the yard, planned or not, on a graphical cockpit and allows all yard actions to be executed
  • Seamless integration
    This solution integrates seamlessly with SAP S/4HANA or SAP ERP, as well as with SAP EWM and SAP TM.
  • Real-time connectivity
    Real-time connectivity ensures that changes such as delayed arrival are communicated instantly to all interested parties allowing tasks to be rescheduled if required.
  • Dock scheduling
    Dock appointments can be planned collaboratively with carrier and an overview of the scheduled workload for each load point obtained.


  • Minimizes turnaround times by accurately monitoring and controlling trucks and yard movements in real time
  • Reduce supply chain costs and possible penalties.Improves on-time delivery performance by integrating appointment planning with warehouse activities via Dock Appointment Scheduling
  • Maximizes utilization of yard area and loading/unloading equipment by maintaining constant flow
  • Reduces check-in and check-out times using IoT (OCR cameras) at gate-in barriers
  • Eliminates paperwork with app and device-based processes for yard employees and drivers
  • Ensures correct documentation is presented at check-in
  • Repairs and necessary cleaning tasks are properly recorded and planned.

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