engineering services

Integrated Engineering Services

Engineering is a complex activity that has traditionally been at the center of the world’s[…]

Transforming Grey to Green

Vecor delivers a highly profitable solution to an unresolved environmental problem presented by coal ash.

Best Practice for Your Practice

How to spend more time practicing law and less time worrying about documents.

Aim Investors Get M-Commerce Play

MoPowered claims its mobile-commerce platform can boost the conversion rate by various methods.

Fraud Prevention

Irrespective of the sector in which it operates, there are certain types of fraud that[…]

Recovering from Fraud

The consequences of a fraud are potentially devastating so rapid and decisive action is needed.

Next-Generation BSS: Online Charging

The Matrixx Charging Engine is 3GPP-compliant for both online (OCS) and offline (OFCS) charging.

Next-Generation BSS: Mediation

CSPs are searching for a new approach to mediation that will reduce the costs and

Take Me Home

The advent of driverless vehicles is likely to provide a big boost for natural language[…]

Making the City Safe

Sophisticated command, control and communications capabilities integrated in GEMMA allow operations and resources to be[…]