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Digital SCE with Yard Logistics

Digital SCE with Yard Logistics is a SAP-based supply chain execution platform that saves costs[…]

Intelligent Document Processing

An AI-based document processing platform that automatically classifies document types and extracts the salient information[…]

engineering services

Integrated Engineering Services

Engineering is a complex activity that has traditionally been at the center of the world’s[…]

Best Practice for Your Practice

How to spend more time practicing law and less time worrying about documents.

Next-Generation BSS: Online Charging

The Matrixx Charging Engine is 3GPP-compliant for both online (OCS) and offline (OFCS) charging.

Next-Generation BSS: Mediation

CSPs are searching for a new approach to mediation that will reduce the costs and

Energy Trading and Risk Management

Atos Worldgrid PTRS is a comprehensive energy trading and risk management platform that spans the[…]

electric car charging

EV Charging Points Solution

Atos ecarga delivers core features such as monitoring, metering and user management that operators can[…]