Transforming Banking with Conversational AI

Transforming Banking with Conversational AI

eva for Banking empowers financial institutions to deliver a differentiated service proposition that leverages conversational AI to[…]

Client: NTT Data
Assignment: Brochure, presentation

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eva for Banking empowers financial institutions to deliver a differentiated service proposition that leverages conversational AI to intelligently automate routine interactions. It reduces a bank’s transaction costs and increases efficiency, while delivering a personalized and intuitive customer experience.

What is eva for Banking?

The eva for Banking conversational AI platform provides financial institutions with a scalable and secure way to create virtual agents that allow users to connect with the bank from any place and device using natural language and their chosen channel. It can be used both to automate customerfacing operations and to help bank employees perform routine queries or transactions.

Value Proposition

Facing growing competition and the challenges of operating in a low-interest rate environment, banks need to not just increase their efficiency but also offer a better customer experience if they are to build stronger connections with their customers.

The branch network can account for half of operating costs at traditional banks and as the volume of customer interactions done in branches continues to fall in almost all developed markets, many banks have implemented branch rationalization strategies, encouraging their customers to use more cost-effective virtual channels.Nevertheless, customers continue to value the existence of branches so replacing in-person branch interaction with efficient but impersonal transactions on online and mobile channels can have a negative impact on customer satisfaction and loyalty.

That is why banks are looking to conversational AI technologies to boost efficiency while also offer a more personalized and intuitive way of interacting with the bank, helping customers quickly get the information they require or conduct simple transactions that do not require specialist human help.eva for Banking has been developed by NTT DATA specifically for the needs of the banking sector. It allows virtual agents to be created that understand written and spoken dialog accurately and at scale, so improving the efficiency and reducing the cost of customer service and particularly contact center operations


  • Improves customer experience: Enables banks to serve their customers any time, in any language and via any channel: IVR, mobile app, website, WhatsApp, Google Home, SMS and others.
  • Optimizes costs: By automating common transactions, it helps reduce bank operating costs and allows staff to be redeployed on value-added transactions
  • Boosts productivity: As well as customer-facing operations, eva for Banking can automate interactions across a wide range of bank’s internal functions, so boosting workforce productivity.
  • An easy way to build flows: The virtual agents created can be developed rapidly using the wide variety of 10 use cases that NTT DATA has already developed for the banking sector.Supports leading contact center solutions from Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics and others.
  • Scalable platform: An adaptable and truly scalable solution that already handles thousands of users and millions of calls a month for leading financial institutions.

(Download the brochure here.)

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