Zanini Adapts to Change

Zanini Adapts to Change

Using Infor ERP, Zanini gained visibility into real-time data across the enterprise and standardized and streamlined its[…]

Client: Infor Solutions
Assignment: Customer Case Study

(Published on the Infor Solutions website on April 6, 2012. Read the original here.)

“The key to making our Lean manufacturing model work is good supply chain visibility and flawless execution of orders. Unlike discrete manufacturers, we don’t hold stock. Without Infor LN, we would not know what to make each month.”

David Sancho, Project Manager, Zanini

About the company

Zanini manufactures plastic components for the automotive industry. The family-owned business has become a world leader  in wheel trims, emphasizing technological innovation and process efficiency. Based in Barcelona,  Spain, Zanini has been expanding over the past decade, with seven manufacturing  plants in Europe, Latin America, and North America, plus sales offices in the US and China. To learn more, visit



•     Standardize and streamline  processes to meet  fast-changing  industry demands.

•     Improve information flow and strengthen connections with customers.

•     Implement a stable, scalable  ERP with capabilities that can receive  customer  forecasts and plans, as well as transmit information to suppliers to accommodate its zero- inventory structure.


•     Gained real-time data visibility across all company areas,  including the ability to accept increasingly complex customer  requests and place orders with suppliers.

•     Easily migrated data from its highly customized system to a single, integrated, flexible system that addressed more sophisticated business needs, and standardized processes at all its acquired  international facilities.

•     Gained ability to adapt initial system to use Electronic Data Interchange networks that improved information flow with customers and suppliers.

“In the past, an OEM might offer three types of wheel trims for a given vehicle model, which made production  planning relatively easy for us. Now there can be eight or more types of wheel trims. There are very few business processes that Infor LN cannot handle.”

David Sancho, Project Manager, Zanini

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